Gift #14 Gift box 1867 Supreme with vodka alc 40% vol 0.7L


A gift box? Gift box!
Starting today, we have gift boxes available with our products!
Our company donates 10% of the gift amount to the NGO Kassi Elu shelter.
The gift box consists of:
– Uzb Vodka 1867 alc 40% vol 0.7L
– Chocolate figure 20g
– Urbanek Marinated champignons 290g
– Urbanek Pickled cucumbers 260g
– Chocolate Santa Claus
– Popcorn sweets
– Alpinella Christmas milk chocolate with nuts 90g
– Long Chips
– Tallegg Chicken Chips
– Vodka laces 2 pcs
Each gift is hand assembled!
(NB! The assortment of sweets in the gift may differ slightly depending on the balance in stock, but we assure you that each of our gifts is no worse than the previous one)⠀
Gift boxes can be ordered from our e-shop or purchased locally from the warehouse.

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KAAL: 5kg